In the video for “Primadonna”, Marina prances around a mansion as if she’s royalty. It’s adorable and all, but what if she actually was? What if she had a castle to prance around and loads of adoring subjects? And thus “Primadonna Princess” was born. Consider it a royally stripped down version of “Primadonna”, complete with violin soloist to give it that wedding feel.

“I can’t help that I need it all, the primadonna life, the rise and fall.”

The literal meaning of lyrics does not define the quality of pop music

I sometimes watch people like Todd in The Shadows and the Rap Critic, and sometimes they’re good at reviewing things, but I’ve noticed this weird trend that hurts their reviews and it kind of goes like this.

  • Reviews of bad songs get more views and are generally funnier and better received by the audience
  • In fact, most people watching the videos hate all pop music and don’t even want to see positive reviews
  • If a song gets popular enough, it has to be reviewed
  • FUCK, this song is actually good
  • I know! The lyrics! The lyrics are silly!

So they end up taking songs like Call Me Maybe, Payphone, We Are Young, and other songs that are popular and good, and then they make them into negative reviews by literally interpreting the lyrics and video and criticizing them. (see an example after the jump)

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